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Learning units for inclusive education

An inexhaustible library with free exercises. OMNIDU introduces you to software and content for special education. For cognitive low-functioning students. Recently, the software has also been made suitable for blind-visually impaired and deaf-hearing-impaired students. In practice, the software is also very suitable for the level of undergraduate pupils in primary education. Especially with the initial reading and thematically oriented education.

OMNIDU is a unique system that allows anyone to make and share tailor made packages for education and teaching. User-friendly, simple and effective.
The creator of the learning unit determines the content and the learning objective. Every exercise is a self-contained learning activity. Multiple learning activities can be used within a learning arrangement.
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For home and school

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€ 0 / per year
  • Free registration
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  • Play 25 Omnidules


€ 99 / per year
  • Play unlimited Omnidules
  • Create unlimited Omnidules
  • Share unlimited Omnidules
  • View Omnidules from school
  • Email support
  • Free advice and webinars


€ 399 / per year
  • Everything from Home
  • 200 student accounts
  • Unlimited teacher accounts
  • Share Omnidules with school / parents
  • Unlimited teacher accounts

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